Apex Legends Removes One Map From Rotation

Respawn Entertainment added a map rotation feature to Apex Legends not long ago to welcome the original map and a night version of it back to the game, but one of those maps has already been removed. The game’s creators announced through the official Twitter account on Wednesday that the Nighttime Kings Canyon map would be removed immediately from the rotation to leave only Worlds Edge and the normal Kings Canyon map – the one with the Octane town takeover and the labs from the Wraith event – in the rotation. Respawn took the changes further still by shortening how long the Kings Canyon map is available in the rotation.

The changes come around a week after the permanent map rotations and the Duos game mode was added to Apex Legends to give players more options instead of just dropping into teams of three on Worlds Edge. Apex Legends’ map rotation feature worked by keeping one map playable for a set amount of time before cycling to the next one meaning that everyone was playing on the same map until the community collectively moved to the next one.


Feedback from players showed that Nighttime Kings Canyon, where players play on the original map but with basically no lights and tons of Digital Threats, was the least favorite map in the rotation by far. Having this extra map in the rotation also made it more difficult for players to take part in the Bloodhound event that’s going on now, though Respawn and Electronic Arts hope now that the removal of the dark map will give players more time with the event. Those who only want to play on Kings Canyon can just hop into the ranked modes like normal.

Apex Legends’ Bloodhound event is currently underway until it ends on April 21st, but players can expect the map rotation and the Duos mode to stick around now that they’ve been added permanently.