Apex Legends Experiences Server Issues After First Hunt Launches

Apex Legends began week two of Season 5 on Tuesday with the start of the game’s first weekly PvE Hunt, but players who hopped on during the day to experience it and other parts of the game were met with server issues. Long load times into games, getting hung up in the post-game screen when you try to head back to the lobby, and being unable to get past the start menu to get into the matchmaking menu are just some of the problems players have been experiencing. Respawn Entertainment said it’s aware of the problems, however, and is investigating them with promises of more information as it comes about.

The problems began not long after players received their in-game notifications that the first Hunt had begun, a new take on Apex Legends added in Season 5 that’s meant to flesh out the world with some lore and deeper interactions between Legends. Whether they were trying to play that new Hunt or just hop into some normal trios or duos matches, players soon began experiencing issues.

The official Apex Legends Twitter account has only provided one update on the matter so far to say that the developers aware of the problems and are investigating.

Apex Legends servers at least aren’t totally down, so players can still get into the game to play a few matches. It might move a bit slower than usual and you might have to close out of the application once or twice while being patient as the game loads you in, but once you get into a match, the actual in-game connectivity doesn’t appear to be taking a hit.


If you are trying to get into the first Hunt that’s part of the Broken Ghost storyline, you’ll need to have collected enough Treasure Packs by now. Those are pretty easy to come by and typically require you to play only a couple of games before you manage to find one in loot containers around King’s Canyon. You need five Treasure Packs if you want to participate in the Hunt and earn the reward for completing it, but you can always hop into someone else’s Hunt to help them if you’re not worried about getting the loot.

Expect more updates on the server situation soon as Respawn and Electronic Arts investigate.

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