Apex Legends Reveals Wattson as New Character

Apex Legends Wattson
(Photo: Electronic Arts)

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation about who or what the next character might be in Apex Legends, but we finally have an answer to those questions thanks to Electronic Arts’ EA Play event. Details about the second season of Apex Legends were shared there along with the reveal of the second post-launch Legend to be added, an electrifying character named Wattson. A short cinematic that's seen below was shared during the EA Play stream to reveal the trailer and her connection with the Apex Games.

The official Twitter account for the game teased the big reveal several days ago, and the character’s appearance has now put to rest rumors about who will be competing against other Legends in the Apex Games. Wattson was one of several characters which had been first spotted in leaks and datamines from the past, findings that also gave an indication of what the Legend might be capable of. Tesla traps were among the leaks that seemed like they'd fit in well with the character.

With Wattson’s tactical ability, she’s able to put up fences around the map with 12 different nodes at the engineer’s disposal. Once the nodes are placed, they create electrified fences that damage and slow enemies once they move through them. Allies can move around the fences unharmed though, so she’s got some exceptional capabilities when it comes to blocking off areas and defending certain zones.

Her ultimate is called the Interception Pylon and puts down a sizable structure that blocks incoming throwables and projectiles like Arc Stars and even bombardments from other Legends. It also boosts her own abilities by causing her fences to recharge quicker, and enemies will have to destroy the pylon to get rid of it. This means that if a Wattson gets to the latest stages of the game, it’s probably going to be a pain to get her and her team out of an area unless you’re equipped to deal with them with her traps.


Wattson is the tenth Legend that’ll be available in the game and will be added in Season 2, so we’ll have to see then how creative players can get with her abilities.

Respawn Entertainment revealed the first of several details about Season 2 before EA Play even began when it shared some thoughts on the changes we’ll see compared to the first season. Skins for the game’s Legends are one of the main areas that’ll be improved, so you can expect Wattson so have some flashy new cosmetics when the character is added.