Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Here's How to Choose Your Alliances

The Assassin's Creed Odyssey launch is right around the corner and many fans of the long-standing [...]

The Assassin's Creed Odyssey launch is right around the corner and many fans of the long-standing franchise can't wait to see all of the unique changes and firsts for the series! Transformed into an entirely new RPG experience, so many new features are coming to the game to make it the most immersive entry yet. From the full-fledged dialogue wheel, to the ability to choose between a male and female protagonist - there are so many ways players can put themselves into the story wholly.

Another aspect of the game is choosing alliances. Actions, gift-giving, and dialogue options are all factors that can affect who helps players throughout their journey, but they will play a much bigger part in a tumultuous war. Now we know how these alliances will work in the game and how players can choose the right side for them.

Creative Director Jonathan Dumont recently sat down with Game Informer to discuss the details of player interaction. The gist of it is is that the Peloponnesian War is the entire setting for the game. There's a war going on between Sparta and Athens and players are thrust into the middle. Though both Alexios and Kassandra (the game's protagonists) aren't immediately committed to a side, a drift in loyalties will occur.

"The world is a moving chessboard, with 28 city-states. Some are owned by Athens, some are owned by Sparta. We wanted you to be able to pick a side at any point, since you're a mercenary in the game," said Dumont. He also mentioned that players will be held responsible for their actions, whether they choose to bolster or inhibit a side is entirely up to them:

"Each nation, their resources, their power, their ability to wage war is shown to the player represented as a nation power gauge. The player will have in-game actions that they can perform that will weaken the state–killing soldiers, destroying their war supplies, stealing their national treasure and then ultimately killing their leader, which will make them the most vulnerable."

Much like previous games, it's a do and receive pattern of quests and rewards. Contracts and Bounties will play a large role in this, with some specific missions being available for the long-haul, or "long-term quests" as he put it.

Affecting world leaders is also a huge aspect to this feature, which players can manipulate through the aforementioned quests and bounties. Overall, it's very strategic and we can already tell that there will be hours tanked into this aspect of the game alone.

The adventure begins for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players on Oct. 5th. You can also learn more about exactly the romance options work with our previous coverage right here from when we got our hands on the game back in June!