Assassin’s Creed Origins Getting Its Very Own PC Graphics Card

Creed 2

We’ve already seen a number of limited edition Assassin’s Creed Origins goodies for fans to collect, including figurines, collector’s sets and more. But, honestly, how many games actually have their own limited edition graphics card? Origins certainly does.

ASUA announced this week that it will be bringing out a special ROG STRIX 1080 Ti Assassin’s Creed Edition graphics card, one that will actually reflect the beautiful nature of the game that came before it.

The card features a brown/gold-like coloring to it, along with a back plate that features Egyptian hieroglyphs, so that it really stands out in a computer set-up. It also features a 12+2 phase VRM and dual 8-pin power connections, which in turn boost the clock speed up to 1.7GHz (a lot in PC terms) – that’s about the same legel as ASUS’ most current ROG Strix OC model. That said, it’s still not the most powerful, as the GTX 1080 Ti Poseidon has a bit more strength.

Creed 2

But this card still packs a punch, especially in the visual department. It features RGB Lighting on the front and back, along with the ability to program it to display from a combination of million of colors and six different effects, which you can choose from the display menu. You’ll also be able to utilize AURA Aura Sync, which allows you to set up system personalization when you’re using it with an ASUS motherboard – a combination some PC users no doubt already have.


That said, it seems a bit odd that the product doesn’t have a release date or price yet. ASUS is no doubt putting a lot of effort into the graphics card’s design so that it’s perfect, but you’d think that its launch would’ve coincided with the game’s release last week, to get PC fans really excited for that version. Nevertheless, it should arrive hopefully in time for the holidays, so those getting a souped-up PC can really put it to good use alongside their copy of the game. We’ll see what ASUS announces over the next few weeks.

Creed 2

In the meantime, Assassin’s Creed Origins is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.