'Assassin's Creed' Studio Offers Telltale Games Employees Job Opportunities

Just yesterday the news that a massive wave of layoffs occurred at Telltale Studios broke leaving both gamers and industry personnel confused and shocked by the sudden closure. But following the negativity, the gaming community pulled together to make a bad situation a little bit better.

With so many projects in the works and Ubisoft having expanded so much through the years, the Assassin's Creed studio is offering their own hat into the pool of job opportunities available for those that were affected by the massive shutdown.

To say that the community was happy to see this move is an understatement, many were excited to see such a positive outreach from so many big companies:

Bethesda, Naughty Dog, and so many others are joining together in a show of support for those affected by shocking decision to cancel everything except the Minecraft: Story Mode following the official statement that the studio released. Yes, that even includes the presently going The Walking Dead series.

There are so many developers and gamers alike joining together following the revelation. It's never an easy position to be in, especially seeing all of that hard work and all of those sleepless nights of being a developer end up with nothing but an exit sign and no severance pay.

Pete Hawley, the CEO of Telltale Games, has issued the following statement:

"It's been an incredibly difficult year for Telltale as we worked to set the company on a new course. Unfortunately, we ran out of time trying to get there. We released some of our best content this year and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, but ultimately, that did not translate to sales. With a heavy heart, we watch our friends leave today to spread our brand of storytelling across the games industry."


There were so many incredible stories crafted by this team. What were some of your favourite memories from the Telltale crew? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!