Attack on Titan: Brave Order Announced

A new Attack on Titan game called Attack on Titan: Brave Order was announced this week, an announcement that lined up nicely with the anniversary of the Attack on Titan manga itself. The new game was announced for mobile devices which means it'll be playable on the Android and iOS platform whenever it's eventually released. A release date was not announced, nor were the plans for global or regional releases shared at the time.

This new Attack on Titan game is being developed by Enish, the announcement from this week confirmed. News of the game was shared on Twitter with a new site set up for the game, too, to give Attack on Titan fans a hub for more information whenever that's available.

Unfortunately, there's not a great deal out there about the game right now. Gematsu reported that it involves players becoming members of the Survey Corps alongside characters like Eren and Mikasa, so it appears as though players will be playing with these memorable Attack on Titan characters as opposed to playing as them. The game has a multiplayer component which allows people to fight Titans alongside other players, though details on the actual gameplay elements at play in Attack on Titan: Brave Order are still slim.

This is the first game of its kind that Enish has developed, though it's far from the studio's first game overall. Past games include things like "Rent-a-Girlfriend: Heroine All Stars" which did not get English releases, though considering how popular Attack on Titan is, there's reason enough to believe this game could get a wider release than Enish's past works.

This also isn't the first Attack on Titan game that we've gotten with several released beforehand to show what works and what doesn't work so well whenever the Attack on Titan series is adapted to a video game. The game simply titled Attack on Titan was a hack and slash game released in 2016 where players could actually control characters like Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and more. A sequel followed it in 2018 when Attack on Titan 2 was released. Both of those games were released for consoles and PCs, but it looks like Attack on Titan: Brave Order will receive no such treatment.


Attack on Titan: Brave Order does not yet have a release date, but you can keep an eye on the Twitter account and site linked above to learn more about it when that information becomes available.