Axiom Verge Digital Edition Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Month, Physical Version Following Later


For a while there, a little bit of drama was building up when it came to releasing Axiom Verge on the Nintendo Switch, since it seemed like the game was running into difficulty to be released on the eShop. (This was with a physical version of the game being worked on for release later this year.)

However, it looks like all those issues have worked out, and the Metroid-style indie game will now make its way to Nintendo's platform in a matter of weeks.

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Tom Happ, who helped develop the adventure game, noted on the official Axiom Verge Twitter account that the game would get a digital release on the eShop starting October 5th, with the physical Multiverse Edition to follow a little later down the road. UPDATE: Amazon has the game up for pre-order with a November 21st release date. The game is listed at $30 for the Standard Edition and $40 for the Multiverse Edition, but Prime members can save 20% during the pre-order period.

Happ noted, "The people have spoken! We decided to move the eShop release of Axiom Verge up to October 5th! Updated retail date TBA soon." This is following a previous tweet in which he asked, "So the physical Axiom Verge will be pushed back a couple weeks…but the Switch eShop version can launch early! Should we move it up?" Apparently, fans were very keen on the idea.

The game's official price hasn't been confirmed just yet, but we should know more in the weeks ahead, including what the game will cost digitally, as well as the physical edition, which is bound to come with a few extra goodies.

Axiom Verge has been a huge cult favorite since its initial release a few years back, where it came out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, PC, Mac and Linux, but considering how inspired it is by the Metroid line, a lot of fans have been wondering when it would come out for the Switch, giving them an alternative until Metroid Prime 4 releases, whenever that is. Now, it looks like they have their answer.


We definitely suggest trying the game out, as it's a lot of fun and packed full of imaginative weapons, as well as a 2D presentation style that's definitely Metroid like. We'll let you know more release details about the game as soon as we get them.