Bandai Namco: We Want More Games On Nintendo Switch

Though it was a little slow coming out of the gate when it launched last year, the Nintendo Switch [...]

Dragon Ball

Though it was a little slow coming out of the gate when it launched last year, the Nintendo Switch has seen an incredible rebound, selling nearly 20 million units to date and garnering some amazing third party support.

On board that train is Bandai Namco, who are supporting the system with a number of games. But from the sound of it, they want to add even more to the list.

The company recently hosted a financial call to discuss their earnings release for the last quarter, with highlights posted on Twitter by The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki. Though the notes are pretty cut and dry, one thing is for certain -- Bandai Namco wants even more games on the Switch.

After expressing interest in the Vtuber market, the company noted that the reason Switch support is taking a little bit longer than expected is because of the different approach required from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That said, however, they feel that the system is an ideal one when it comes to "igniting play" anywhere, with any kind of players. As a result, it's interested in more titles for the platform.

Now, what titles is the question. We already know a handful of games are coming, with Dragon Ball FighterZ leading the way with an open beta this week. But there's still room for great third-party titles to come around, including Soul Calibur VI with some kind of guest Nintendo character and possibly even bigger potential hits like the rumored Ridge Racer 8 and a port of Ace Combat 7. And then, of course, there's the role playing market to consider, loaded with potential mainly due to Octopath Traveler's incredible sales for Square Enix.

At the moment, however, Bandai Namco's support is pretty strong. FighterZ is set for release this September; and Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition and Digimon Survive are also on the way. There's also Dark Souls Remastered, though that one could probably use a release date at some point. Maybe November?

Here's hoping we see more Bandai Namco goodness soon. We need our portable games!

Dragon Ball FighterZ arrives on the Nintendo Switch starting September 28.