Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Others Plan Reveals for Gamescom's Opening Ceremony

Gamescom’s opening ceremony will start the convention off with appearances from publishers like [...]

Gamescom's opening ceremony will start the convention off with appearances from publishers like Ubisoft, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and others, all of which have plans for reveals and surprises.

A first time for such reveals at the opening ceremony that takes place on August 21, at least five different companies will have something to show off during right when Gamescom begins, a press release said. Ubisoft and THQ Nordic were the first of the publishers mentioned, both of which are said to include "global premieres." Specifics weren't given on Ubisoft's plans, so it could be anything from a gameplay premiere to an entirely new game, but we do know that THQ Nordic's will be a new title. The announcement specified that THQ Nordic's announcement would pertain to an unannounced title that comes from one of the publisher's existing brands.

Both Deep Silver and Bandai Namco also have announcements to be made at the opening ceremony. Deep Silver, the publisher behind games like the Saints Row series, Shenmue III, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, was only said to have a "new announcement," so it could be anything from a new game to something smaller such as DLC for an existing title. Bandai Namco on the other hand will indeed be revealing a new game during the start of Gamescom, something that's being made by a European developer. We know that Bandai Namco has some new game in the works, an eerie horror game that might be called Domas and has little details other than a teaser site, but the Gamescom reveal could be something else entirely. Domas' site teased August 30 as a date when we'll likely learn more about the game regardless, but the site's been updating since it was erected to feature even more unsettling images.

As for Square Enix, the publisher will use the opening ceremony to give a first look at DONTNOD's Life Is Strange 2. The game's been announced previously and already has fans of the first excited to return to the series once again, and Gamescom will start with a new trailer for the game, the first one that it's gotten.

Those attending Gamescom, will be able to play some of these games during the convention as well. It wasn't specified which of the games would be playable, but some of the new titles will be open to attendees after the announcements are made. Even if you're not attending you can still watch from home to make sure you don't miss out on the reveals.