New Batman Game Details Reportedly Reveal It's a Reboot and More

According to a new report, Warner Bros. Montreal's upcoming Batman game is a reboot. The report comes way of industry insider and journalist Sabi, who recently revealed that they've talked to "multiple people" about the project, all of which confirmed this tidbit. Further, Sabi notes that the name of the game changed during the course of development, however, the Court of Owls angle is still a big focus.

As you may know, this lines up with a report from earlier this year that made very similar claims. However, this previous report claimed the game is not a hard reboot, but a soft reboot. Further, it was noted that "Arkham" won't be in the title. Sabi doesn't concretely touch upon this second claim, but they do say they "assume" it will have Arkham in the title.

"Now that I've talked to multiple people on it... the new Batman game does seem to be a reboot," said Sabi on Twitter. "The name also changed during development. On the bright side, the Court of Owls is still a big focus, as I said before."

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. While Sabi hs proven over and over again to be a reliable source, even the most reliable sources sometimes get things wrong, and so for now this should still be filed under the "rumor" category.

For those that don't know: a "hard reboot" is when you completely clear the slate of any previous continuity within a given series. In other words, you restart the universe and start over from the scratch. Meanwhile, "soft reboot" you keep all of this, and build a story within an existing universe. However, the "reboot" parts comes in because usually you're very far removed from the original characters or events of the predecessors.


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