Batman: The Telltale Series Episode One Free on iOS Following Significant Technical Upgrades

Batman - The Telltale Series is now well into its second season, but it's not too late to get [...]

Batman - The Telltale Series is now well into its second season, but it's not too late to get swept up in Batman's latest adventure. Telltale has made this game playable on pretty much every device or console you own, and if you're an iOS owner (there's a good chance that you are), you can now play through the entire first episode to see if it appeals to you. Whenever a publisher is willing to offer a free episode or demo of its game it's typically a good sign. Lucky for you, plenty of DC Comics fans have already made it through the entire season and have plenty of great things to say about Batman's story.

But this is more than a simple promotion. Telltale wants iOS users to get back in there and play through Batman again because it's seen significant technical improvements. In a press release sent out this morning, Telltale says that it's "launching a free comprehensive performance update today that provides significant technical improvements and should ensure the series runs smoothly on a broader range of iOS-based devices. iPhone and iPad players can begin their adventures today and experience Telltale's critically-acclaimed take on the Batman universe."

Minor spoilers below.

Telltale also provided a brief synopsis of the first episode to whet your appetite, and I think long-time Batman fans are going to appreciate where Telltale takes Bruce Wayne's story. There are some pretty significant plot twists here that make everything feel fresh. You'll be learning this character all over again.

"In the series' opening episode, entitled 'Realm of Shadows,' Bruce Wayne discovers his father was in fact a ruthless crime boss, forcing him to question everything he thought he knew about his identity. As both Bruce and Batman, players must negotiate harsh political realities and prevent Gotham City from descending into chaos while digging into the truth about the Wayne family's sordid past. The decisions players make across Batman - The Telltale Series then optionally carry over into the ongoing second season, Batman: The Enemy Within."

Check it out on the app store and see what you think. It's free, so you have nothing to lose.