Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Board Game Is On Sale Now


Back in February, Cryptozoic Entertainment brought a board game to Kickstarter that was based on Frank Miller's classic comic series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Interestingly, the game is a fully solo experience that allows you to come out of retirement as Batman and journey through Frank Miller's iconic story across four standalone missions. The game was fully funded of course, but if you weren't one of the backers your second chance to grab one is happening right now.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Board Game is now available via retail, and you can pre-order it here at Entertainment Earth as the original base game ($64.99) or as the Deluxe Edition pictured above ($109.99 with free shipping). If you opt for the Deluxe Edition, you'll get 17 miniature figures based on the art of Frank Miller. It also comes packaged in a fancy slipcase. The release date for both versions is set for January 2022 (you won't be charged until the games ship).

(Photo: Cryptozoic)

As noted, the game takes place across four different missions, and each one features unique rules, allies, abilities, and boss battles (including Superman). You can play those missions standalone or as one long campaign. There's also a 1v1 mode for Batman vs. villain battles where you can play as Batman or one of his adversaries.

If the Doomsday Clock hits midnight, or if Gotham is overrun with Riots, the game ends. Each of the missions are broken down into Books and last four rounds. To succeed, you'll need to find clues and track down the Boss's location, win the battle, and move onto the next book.

"Diehard fans will really appreciate all of the care we took to capture the style and tone of the original story in the game," said John Sepenuk, CEO of Cryptozoic.


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