‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ May Be Making Its Way To Nintendo Switch


Telltale Games recently released the first episode of its second season of Batman, promptly named The Enemy Within, last week, and it's already taken off with fans who want to learn what happens next with the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne. But it appears that another platform could be getting some Caped Crusader love soon enough.

According to this listing from Amazon, Telltale appears to be ready to bring The Enemy Within to Nintendo Switch. The listing indicates that the game will be coming out on October 31st, with some form of physical release that will unlock all the episodes in the series – similar to the physical disc that will arrive for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier in the month, on October 3rd.

Telltale hasn't officially commented on the listing, but the company has made no secret about supporting the Nintendo Switch, having already announced Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure for the platform. That said, it hasn't officially announced any other releases for it yet, though it appears that the Dark Knight could be next in line.

Rumors swirled about Minecraft's release on the Switch before it was officially announced, so there's a good chance that Batman may make its way to it. We're just waiting for word from Telltale at this point.

The question is, what other games could possibly follow? Telltale also has a Guardians of the Galaxy series that would be ideal for the platform, and it already has big plans for the months ahead, including its long-awaited return of The Wolf Among Us, which Switch fans would also highly appreciate. Again, though, nothing's official – it's just merely speculation at this point. But we're sure fans would love to see these releases.


Maybe Telltale will officially announce something this week, with Gamescom taking place and all. Don't forget that PAX West is in a couple of weeks as well, and the company could reveal something there. For now, all we can do is wait. Well, and play the game on other platforms.

Batman: The Enemy Within is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and mobile platforms.