Battlefield 2042 Beta Stats Show Which Weapons, Specialists Were Most Popular

With Battlefield 2042's first beta preview now wrapped up, Electronic Arts has shared stats from the beta to show different metrics like how many bullets were fired and how many tornadoes showed up on Orbital. The same stats also focused on Specialists and weapons, too, to illustrate which picks were more popular than others. The game's developers also said that there will be a more comprehensive post-beta recap coming soon to discuss more of what was witnessed during the beta.

The relevant stats from the Battlefield 2042 beta can be seen below courtesy of the Battlefield Twitter account. Assuming these lists are in order of popularity and not just a dump of the top five picks in different categories, the M5A3 was the most-fired weapon during the beta. This weapon was one of the picks available in the Assault class, Battlefield 2042 allows players to pick any weapon they want regardless of the chosen Specialist. A sniper rifle would obviously never beat out this starting assault rifle given that the stats measured were which weapon was fired the most, but the results still show that the M5A3 was a dominant weapon choice.

Similarly, the Grappling Hook that is exclusive to the Assault Specialist Webster Mackay was used far more often than any of the other Specialist gadgets. That usage could of course be attributed to things like cooldown times since players would spend less time deploying Recon Drones compared to the time they spent using Grappling Hooks, but this Specialist gadget was always going to be the more dynamic of the four available in the beta, so it makes sense that it would be so far ahead of the other options.

Conversely, there were some things in the beta that didn't happen quite as much compared to everything else that went down. On the Orbital map, for example, there were a total of 380,283 rocket launches with 58,557 failed launches. We didn't get a total number of matches played, but if we're to assume there were far more matches than the total rocket launches, that means this map event is pretty hard to come by. Tornadoes were infrequent happenings, too, with only 94,698 tornadoes appearing during the beta.

The post-beta recap should be shared soon, so expect more stats and breakdowns to be released next week.