Battlefield 2042 Bringing Back Fan-Favorite Feature

Electronic Arts and DICE have confirmed that a fan-favorite feature from previous Battlefield games will be coming to Battlefield 2042. Since the launch of the latest Battlefield installment last year, EA and DICE have been trying to find a way to retain players. And while this effort hasn't gone to plan so far, it seems like longtime fans of the series could find Battlefield 2042 a bit more alluring soon enough. 

With the launch of update 3.2 in Battlefield 2042, DICE will be reintegrating the Class system that was prevalent in essentially every other Battlefield game. Rather than use Classes once again in Battlefield 2042, DICE designed a "Specialist" system that featured unique characters with their own special abilities. Unfortunately, these Specialists weren't all that well-received by fans, which has led to DICE now undoing them for the time being in favor of using the Class structure once again. While the Specialists themselves are still playable, they've now merely been slotted into one of the four main Classes: Assault, Support, Engineer, and Recon. 

Although Specialists in their current form are going to be greatly changed by the return of the Class system, this won't remain the case in perpetuity. DICE has said that it's still looking to rework how Specialists function in Battlefield 2042, and as such, they're being reworked entirely. It's still now known what this Specialist rework might end up looking like, but the full changes will arrive later in Season 3. 

Speaking of Season 3, it's not yet known exactly when the game's next phase of content will roll out, but it should take place later in November. Whenever Season 3 does kick off, Battlefield 2042 players across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms will be able to check it out for themselves. 

Are you happy to see that the classic Class system from Battlefield is now coming to 2042? And will this change get you to play the game for yourself? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.