Battlefield 4 Is Currently Free Through Amazon's Prime Gaming

For a limited time, Amazon's Prime Gaming is offering a copy of Battlefield 4 for free for PC via Origin. The code for Battlefield 4's Standard Edition is available now through June 20th, and comes at a particularly interesting time for the Battlefield franchise as a whole given that EA has announced that it will reveal the latest and greatest Battlefield title next week. Oddly enough, the free copy of Battlefield 4's availability period also specifically butts up into Amazon Prime Day 2021.

Initially released in 2013, Battlefield 4 is a bit old at this point considering popular entries like Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V have released between then now. Even so, it is a notably large title for Prime Gaming, which typically offers free video games every month ranging from indie unknowns to middling-popular titles. In other words, Battlefield 4 is still a pretty good get for Prime Gaming, especially with the hype around the upcoming Battlefield reveal being as high as it is.

Prime Gaming, if you are not familiar, is a benefit available to all Amazon Prime members which includes a rotating list of free video games and various loot and digital items for a number of different video games. Prime Gaming is perhaps best known for consistently providing digital odds and ends for free-to-play video games like League of Legends, Warframe, and Apex Legends like cosmetics, skins, bundles, and sprays.

As noted above, Battlefield 4 is currently available via Amazon's Prime Gaming until June 20th. Other video games currently available to claim for free via Prime Gaming include BFF or Die, Newfound Courage, Lost in Harmony, Batman - The Telltale Series, Mugsters, and more. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Prime Gaming right here.


What do you think about Amazon's Prime Gaming adding Battlefield 4 for a limited time -- right before the reveal of whatever is next for the Battlefield franchise? Are you interested in grabbing the free copy for yourself? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk about all things gaming!