Battlefield 6 Release Window Revealed

Battlefield 6 has a PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC has a release window. Today, during its earnings call, Electronic Arts revealed that DICE's new Battlefield game will release sometime next holiday season. EA doesn't mention platforms, but if the game is a holiday 2021 game it all but confirms it will be releasing via the aforementioned next-gen consoles and PC. However, what's less certain is whether it will be a truly next-gen experience or a cross-gen game that also hits PS4 and Xbox One. In the earnings call, EA mentions DICE has a "true next-gen vision for the franchise," which may suggest it will be next-gen only, but for now, file this as speculation.

EA also notes that it's been getting "very positive" feedback from internal testing, which has made it confident in the product. Meanwhile, it promises the installment will have "never-before-seen scale" and technical achievements only possible thanks to next-gen tech.

"DICE is creating our next Battlefield game with never-before-seen scale," said EA of the game. "The technical advancements of the new consoles are allowing the team to deliver on a true next-gen vision for the franchise. We have hands-on play testing underway internally, and the team's been getting very positive feedback on the game as we've begun to engage our community."

Unfortunately, this is where the details end. However, EA notes it will have more to talk about the game in spring, which is presumably when it will be revealed as well.

EA first announced Battlefield 6 back in June. Since then, it's been silent on the title, which many believed was in the very early stages of development, and it might have been, however, a holiday 2021 release window suggests it was quite deep into development back in June.

Battlefield 6 is set to release worldwide sometime holiday 2021. At the moment of publishing, there's been no concrete word of platforms, and it sounds like this will be our last update on the game until at least March.

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