Battlefield 6 Insiders Drop Some Potentially Bad News About the Reveal Trailer

It sounds like the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer isn't happening in early May like previous reports [...]

It sounds like the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer isn't happening in early May like previous reports suggested it would. Battlefield fans were chomping at the bit anticipating a reveal trailer to drop last week, but the reveal never came, and that's, according to one industry insider, because the trailer has been delayed to later this month or even early next month.

Speaking about the trailer, industry insider and Venture Beat reporter Jeff Grubb revealed that he previously heard the trailer was dropping during early May back in March, which lines up with what we heard and others heard. However, either everyone got faulty information or there was some type of complication or change of heart, because it looks like that isn't happening.

"I do think that Battlefield moved to later this month/early next month," said Grubb. "I thought it didn't move after hearing 'early May' back in March, but it did."

If the trailer has been delayed -- and it looks like it has been -- the question then becomes, why? Well, over on Twitter, prolific Battlefield 6 insider, Tom Henderson, theorizes it may have something to do with the Chinese rocket incident that happened this week. According to Henderson, backed up by leaked images from the trailer, there's a rocket in the trailer that explodes, falls down, and kills soldiers. Henderson notes this is just a theory, but it makes sense.

Grubb mentions the trailer could be held all the way until June, but this seems unlikely. We've heard EA and DICE are prepared to do a big gameplay blowout around E3 2021. If this is the case, you wouldn't want your reveal trailer so close in proximity to this gameplay reveal, which is why we expect the trailer to come at some point during May.

Battlefield 6 is currently scheduled to release sometime later this year during the holiday season. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of platforms, but it's safe to assume, at the very least, the game is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. PS4 and Xbox One versions are a safe bet as well, however, according to some reports, the game will not be on the pair of last-gen consoles.

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