Big 'Battlefield V' Maps Still Being Worked on, Devs Say

Battlefield V developers have responded to concerns about map sizes to say that large levels are still in the works while providing an example of one sizable map.

Along with other criticisms that people have levied against Battlefield V customization options and game mechanics like "Time to Kill" being some of the features that EA DICE has already said it's looking into – it's been pointed out by some that the game feels small in terms of map sizes. Many of these discussions take place on forums like the Battlefield V subreddit where one such conversation (via PC Gamer) about map sizes was seen. Players said that the game felt more like small-scale skirmishes instead of an all-out war like they'd expect from a game based on World War II.

In an apparent response to these types of concerns, EA DICE has shared some examples of larger maps that are being worked on. Battlefield V's lead multiplayer designer Valerian Noghin shared an image on Twitter that showed the Hamada map with a reference for just how big it is. Noghin also cited a past Battlefield article about the map creation process.

Following that tweet, Battlefield V level designer Jeff Gagné quoted Noghin's response with his own tweet that said players shouldn't come to conclusions about the maps since EA DICE is now starting to share more information on the maps and other features. He reaffirmed that they're still making big maps and asked players to stop assuming things about the map sizes.


Battlefield V is scheduled to launch on Nov. 20.