Battlefield V Promises "Badass" Customization

The Battlefield V reveal has come and gone, but it has forever burrowed its way into our hearts. [...]

The Battlefield V reveal has come and gone, but it has forever burrowed its way into our hearts. At least for FPS fans. Described as "coming home" by DICE, the latest entry takes players into the thick of World War II and allows them to fully immerse themselves within the world of "men and women that mattered."

Among the thrilling announcements, such as the return of co-op, new modes, Grand Operations, and NO PREMIUM PASS, was a feature that many have stated they wanted more of: Customization.

Being able to take to the battlefield with the right gear is important. Being able to take to the battlefield while feeling like a total badass is key. Battlefield V will offer more customization than any other title in the franchise's history, making it even easier for players to step into the shoes of their soldiers. Outfitting, features, abilities - it's all fair game in the name of immersion and something highlighted beautifully during the reveal.

For those that can't wait to get their custom fix in, there's even more good news! DICE is doing away with how they usually handle their post-launch services. EA tells us, "Tides of War is DICE's new approach to live services, where players will set out on an epic journey with their Company in unexpected battles throughout World War 2. There will be no premium pass, all players will have access to the same maps and modes, keeping the community unified as they progress through Battlefield V. In Tides of War, their journey through World War 2 will grow through themed experiences that will include events and all-new ways to play like Grand Operations, while also unlocking the latest themed rewards such as weapons and vehicles to further shape their Company."

Battlefield V will be available worldwide October 19th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin for PC. Don't forget that in celebration of Battlefield V's launch, EA and DICE are giving all players the chance to grab Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 for free on the Road to Battlefield V. For a very limited amount of time, players can download and keep Battlefield 1 In the Name of Tsar and Battlefield 4 Final Stand.