'Battlefield V' Devs Tease Firestorm Trailers and Info

Battlefield V players can look forward to more information on the game’s battle royale mode [...]

Battlefield V players can look forward to more information on the game's battle royale mode along with multiple trailers that EA DICE has queued up for upcoming releases.

DICE updated players on that status of Battlefield V in its weekly checkup on Reddit, and in light of the Firestorm leak that revealed a first look at Battlefield V's version of battle royale, people inevitably had questions about the mode. Giving a sneak peek into the blogs and discussions coming the week of March 11th, DICE said it had a trailer release planned for the week. Instead of describing what it'll entail, DICE only said "You'll see."

But even though that teaser was a cryptic one, Battlefield V community manager Jeff Braddock said in a separate comment within the thread that it may have "a trailer or two coming" that pertain to the Firestorm mode. Considering how the glimpse at Battlefield V's battle royale mode has already leaked and a new trailer is releasing this week, it's not much of a stretch to imagine that trailer is the first official preview of Firestorm. Even if it isn't and players have to wait a bit longer, it shouldn't be too much more of a wait since Firestorm is expected to start sometime this month.

Trailers aside, DICE said it still has a lot of information coming on the mode itself and will be working with Criterion Games to answer players' questions. Known for its work on games like Star Wars Battlefront II and the Need for Speed series, Criterion is helming the development of Firestorm while working with DICE.

"Unfortunately, we didn't get a Q&A done this week, but we're pretty sure what a lot of those questions would be, considering some things we've seen on the 'net this week," DICE said to wrap up its weekly post. "Trust us, we have a lot of Battlefield V: Firestorm information coming and we'll be teaming up with our Criterion Devs to get some A's for your Q's."

DICE also took time to reassure people about its commitment to the game's core multiplayer mode recently and said the focus remains on that traditional part of the Battlefield series with Firestorm being an extra mode to enhance the experience.


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