Battlefield V Reveals New Grand Operations Mode

Battlefield V will be bringing back Operations in a bigger and better form called Grand [...]

Battlefield V
(Photo: EA)

Battlefield V will be bringing back Operations in a bigger and better form called Grand Operations.

The new game mode was revealed during the Battlefield V live stream that's showing off the new game that's now been 100 percent confirmed to be a World War II title. If you played Battlefield 1, you'll remember what the Operations are, but you can expect several changes in this latest game.

These Grand Operations were discussed on-screen and were said to be a game mode that's divided into several days with all of the different days affecting each other. The developers provided more details regarding what's included by saying that the Grand Operations mode will include multiple game modes and maps for players to partake in.

An example of these Grand Operations was also shared that said Day 1 might start with players jumping out of a plane to parachute down to the ground and destroy an enemy artillery setup. Both Day 2 and Day 3 will be affected by the events that happen during the first day – the devs mentioned that players will have to approach each day carefully since resources depend on what you did the day before, how many times you died, and other factors. Come Day 4, players will be thrown into a "final stand" mode, according to the devs. This means that you'll be low on resources, down to just a few clips, and the effect of the past three days will be felt.

While we haven't gotten a first look at these Grand Operations just yet, the devs said that there will be more info revealed in two weeks. When EA Play rolls around in Los Angeles, more of Battlefield V's Grand Operations and other game modes should be revealed.

The live reveal is still going on right now and will undoubtedly share much more on the new Battlefield game. You can check out some of the first details that have already been revealed right here as EA shares even more about the new WWII game through the live reveal.