Battlefield V Fans Furious After DICE Removes Popular Multiplayer Modes

(Photo: EA)

Last month, DICE made Battlefield V players happy by adding a brand-new map to the game, the first added since launch. And then not long after, it had the game's community furious with it. That's right, Battlefield V once again finds itself in the middle of controversy. So, what did it do this time? Well, it removed some fan favorite multiplayer modes from the game. More specifically, it removed dedicated playlists for Frontlines and Domination this week.

"Both playlists are highlighted as being significantly less popular, and a lot less populated when compared to more established modes like Conquest," wrote the developer on Reddit, explaining its reasoning. "Our preference is to ensure that we are adding to the fun rather than creating frustration, and that the always on game modes in Battlefield 5 meet our own expectations in terms of quality."

DICE further notes that it will be "more proactive in removing the modes that don't meet these standards, in favor of instead investing more resources in both featuring, developing, and improving newer and refreshed experiences like Rush, Grind, Fortress, and Outpost."

While both modes are being removed as dedicated playlists, Frontlines is still available in Grand Operations and can be joined via Server Browser. Meanwhile, DICE says it could return in the future with improvements or via Tides of War. Further, both modes could also appear in the future in mixed game mode rotations.

That all said, fans aren't happy. The announcement on Reddit currently has over 1,200 comments and almost every single one is negative, including the top comment, which suggests that DICE is lying when it says Frontlines is as unpopular as the developer is saying it is. It's a mess, and it seems like an unforced mess.


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