'Battlefield V' Is 50% Off for Returning 'Battlefield' Players

Battlefield V is currently on sale again, but this particular sale only applies to those who have [...]

Battlefield V is currently on sale again, but this particular sale only applies to those who have other Battlefield games in their libraries.

When playing another Battlefield game like Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 4, players have recently been met with a popup that offers them a steep discount on Battlefield V. The half-off discount is live now until December 20th, but it's only for "loyal series fans," according to EA DICE's message that'll show up in these older Battlefield games.

"If you've been thinking of joining the ranks in Battlefield V, the time is now," the message players have been seeing said. "Loyal series fans, like you, can save 50% on the Deluxe Edition – now through December 20. Don't miss out, claim your discount today."

Battlefield V Sale
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Since the game's still priced at $60, this would bring the cost down to $30 for the Standard Edition with the Deluxe Edition also on sale.

Though the game's full price may still be $60, there have been more than a few times in the game's short life on shelves that it's been sold for less than that. The newest discount comes just a few weeks after the game was fully released on November 20th after a staggered release marked by special editions and subscription services, but there were more sales before this one. Late last month, the game was marked down to $30 after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rushes had ended with the game not showing up as prominently in those holiday sales compared to other games due to its recent release date. A recent sale that marked down tons of games before The Game Awards also saw the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield V have nearly $25 taken off the full price.

This latest Battlefield V sale is only scheduled to last for a while longer until it ends on December 20th, but you can revisit our review to see if the game is for you with an excerpt of that review seen below.

"So, thus far, Battlefield V is a jam-packed entry in the series. Not my favorite and not perfect, by any means -- I would've preferred a better approach to combat with some War Stories, as well as a little better balancing with multiplayer difficulty. But it's got an excellent presentation that holds up in about every corner, along with gameplay that delivers for both single and multiplayer. And there are modes aplenty, provided you've got some good friends to play with -- some of these random Battlefield experts may leave you feeling a little bit of misery."