Battlefield V and How Your Squad Is More Important Than Ever Before


It's almost time for interested fans to get their hands on Battlefield V for the first time during this year's EA Play. But before DICE unleashes the latest entry to the FPS franchise out into the world, there's a few things the developers want interested players to know first. Earlier today, we learned about how Fortifications and Destruction will be play a key role in the new game, as well as news that this is the most immersive Battlefield game to-date. But what about squads? How does all of the new changes affect playing with friends?

According to DICE, "There's one key thing to know about Battlefield V: your squad will be more important than ever. Staying close to your squad, communicating with it, and playing well with it – this will all pay off. To facilitate this, you'll be automatically placed in a squad when jumping into Battlefield V (though you can leave it if you want). We're improving the communication options, so regardless of where you are – in game or in a loading screen – you'll be able to chat with your squad mates."

This reliance makes sense, especially when looking at the revamps done to the Revive System. Being down for the count doesn't mean what it used to in previous titles, and it's definitely more personal this go around.

"Brringing a downed team mate back into action with a revive has always been an exciting move in Battlefield, but for Battlefield Vwe hope to make this action even more intense – and personal.

One key change: the non-Medic Classes will also be able to perform revives – if they're done on a squad mate. Staying close to your squad will thereby be even more helpful. These squad revives won't mean the Medic will be devalued though – quite the opposite. Revives by a Medic are much faster, can be used on all team members, and will bring a teammate back to full health, which squad revives won't."

But how is it more personal? Well, glad you asked: "We're also adding a short physical interaction to the revive, meaning that you will be face-to-face with your teammate – no matter which end of the syringe you're on. Seeing the face of your buddy (not to mention seeing each other's visual customizations) will hopefully be a cool little moment. You'll be able to revive from many angles, meaning you're putting yourself less in harm's way."

When discussing the importance of a good squad, they added, "Speaking of revives brings us to another new addition: dragging a teammate to safety. Say you're playing on a high-octane map and a downed teammate is calling for help from a meat grinder area. Going for a revive in this situation has historically been a suicide mission. Your odds will be a lot better in Battlefield V. Run to your teammate, drag him to safety, and revive behind cover. You'll feel like a hero (and score some more squad points)."


We'll be learning more about the latest in the FPS franchise in the coming weeks, with EA Play kicking off the grand event! Battlefield V will be releasing for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players on October 19th.