Battlefield V Teaser Trailer Revealed

Shhh... not long now.Tune in for the #Battlefield V reveal on May 23: [...]

It looks like Battlefield V will be going back to World War II. This morning, EA released a short teasuer trailer for the new Battlefield, which you can check out above. Try to soak in as many of the on-screen elements as you can, and then we'll point out a few important details that you might have missed.

Well, you'll notice that we claimed with some confidence that Battlefield V will be taking place during WWII. This is because, during the very short gameplay clip, you can clearly see the two team emblems at the top of the screen. One of the symbols is very clearly the flag of Great Britain, while the other appears to be the Iron Cross. This, along with the aviator goggles worn by the player we see in the video, seems to clearly indicate a WWII setting.

Many players also noticed the bit of text near the bottom of the screen indicating the return of squad spawns. This isn't a big deal for me personally, but I know that some players dislike the ability to spawn on squad mates, thinking that it makes the game play too quickly and too casually. Whether you like them are not, squad spawns are definitely returning in Battlefield V.

So what else can we guess about the game before it's fully revealed on Wednesday? Well, you may remember that VentureBeat pretty much leaked everything we know about the new Battlefield back in March. These guys were the first to call the game Battlefield V, which is now confirmed, and they claimed that the game would be set during WWII, which is now all but confirmed.

What else did VentureBeat reveal about the game? For one, you can not apparently go prone on your back. There's also (apparently) a cooperative mode where squads will have to work together to fight through randomly generated scenario stages. The leak also touched very briefly on the story:

"In Battlefield 1, you played one mission as a British tank driver in France, another as an American pilot fighting off a German raid while traveling to London, and a third as a Bedouin rebel working with Lawrence of Arabia. Expect Battlefield V to use this structure to take players to various theaters throughout the second World War."

At this point, speculation is futile. Battlefield V will be officially revealed, live, this Wednesday. We'll be there as the details break, so stay tuned for all of the latest!