'Battlefield V' Tides of War Chapter 1 Info Is Coming Soon

Battlefield V players can look forward to some new info on the first chapter of Tides of War with [...]

Battlefield V players can look forward to some new info on the first chapter of Tides of War with EA DICE scheduled to tease and reveal more on the chapter next week.

Teasing the teaser on the Battlefield V subreddit, an official post from the developer gave some insights into next week's content drops after recapping what's already been released this week. Within that info, EA DICE said more information on "Overture," the first of several Tides of War chapters that focus on different narrative-driven stories and conflicts, will start emerging soon alongside another blog post where Battlefield V's Airlift Drops will be detailed.


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Described as an "evolving journey" that features different narratives every couple of months, EA DICE said the Tides of War campaign would focus on specific aspects of the era during each chapter. Some information on the first chapter of the game's feature was already revealed prior to the game's release when a roadmap outlining what's to come in Battlefield V said the first chapter that's scheduled to run from December to January will be focused heavily on tank combat.

"Chapter 1: Overture brings the Panzerstorm map, where the German mechanized war machine plunges into Belgium, smashing into Allied defensive forces," EA DICE said about the first chapter in Tides of War. "On this tank-focused arena, you'll roll across ridges, ditches, and elevated roads with a massive force of armor, carving a path of destruction through the countryside."

There's more to come during the Overture chapter as well with a Practice Range being added to Battlefield V during that time to give players a way to test out different items and strategies. Aside from the gameplay elements being added, players will also be able to customize their vehicles when the first chapter begins.

"You'll get to explore Vehicle Customization when Chapter 1 starts, too," EA DICE's roadmap said. "Stand out on the battlefield with stunning tank skins and make your mark on the skies with plane skins and nose art decals."

Battlefield V is now fully available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and the roadmap that laid out the next three Tides of War chapters and beyond can be seen here.