‘Bayonetta 3’ Development For Nintendo Switch Moving Forward, Says Platinum Games

Fans of the Bayonetta series have been sitting on pins and needles since the official announcement of a third chapter for Nintendo Switch, wondering just when we'd be able to see the return of our favorite gun-toting witch. Thankfully, we've got a new update from Platinum Games, giving us an idea of just how well the game's development is coming along.


While speaking at the recent Bitsummit Roadshow event in Tokyo, elusive director Hideki Kamiya, alongside Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba, provided an update on how the game is coming along. And, no, it's not being "held up" by negotiations, as Kamiya previously teased.

"It's nice to be able to tell you that everything is going very, very well," they noted. "We're all very excited about what we're doing on that game."

That said, however, that's all they really had for Bayonetta 3 at the moment. Ever since initial development began, the team really hasn't had anything new to share -- no screenshots, no video, nothing like that. This could indicate that we might not see it next year, unless Nintendo is saving a surprise reveal for something like The Game Awards (where last year's trailer initially made its debut) or its showcase at E3 2019 next year.

But it's good to see that Bayonetta 3 is shaping up and will continue to move the series along at a rapid pace. It's been doing well again since the first two games were introduced to the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, outpacing sales of the original Wii U versions that came out years before. Now it's just a matter of waiting and seeing what information drops over the next few months, possibly with story details or maybe even a glimpse of some new weaponry that the gun-toting witch will get her hands on. Nothing beats smacking demons around with a golden hammer, after all.


In the meantime, you can check out the first two Bayonetta games for Nintendo Switch. We reviewed them earlier this year and found them to be...bewitching? Maybe too close a pun? No matter. If you love action games, then you know Bayonetta is where it's at.

We'll let you know when Bayonetta 3 has an official release date!