Beerus Will Be Playable During Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta


Dragon Ball fans, get excited with me because the open beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ is almost here and we've got a few more details about what we can expect here in about two weeks! With Beerus only recently revealed as a playable character, it looks like we'll be able to try out his sweet, sweet moves in-game right off of the bat because he is confirmed to be one of the playable characters available in the beta! This God of Destruction has a chance to show off his skills as he joins 11 other key characters available to try out before the game's full release.

Anyone interested in trying out the beta themselves, this is what you need to know: a closed beta will be available for those that pre-ordered the title on January 13th, while an open beta is available just one day later for January 14th and 15th. Not all characters from the game's full roster will be available either, which makes this Beerus confirmation even better.

We're definitely excited to see this fighter come to fruition, especially with the work being done alongside Guilty Gear's Arc Systems. Here's a blurb from my hands-on demo earlier this year:

"While playing through the core game, the traditional colours for the UI were incredibly familiar to fans of the Dragon Ball scheme, whether it be the show or in other games past. The progression through stages felt incredible for me as the player with my love of the series. The dialogue, special attacks, alt forms, and more made my inner DB lover squeal.

An interesting dynamic to the overall gameplay that was enjoyable was the introduction of the 3 v 3 mode. The player can choose three Dragon Ball characters that they'd like to pair up for the ultimate versus experience. With three playable personas, it could have easily become chaotic but the interchangeability of the playable characters was incredibly fluid, creating a seamless transition that did not come off chunky or invasive. This made it easier to create the perfect team to play up each character's strengths while targeting the enemy's weaknesses.

Overall, Dragon Ball FighterZ seemed like a worthy fighting game added to the genre and really has a full anime feel to it. The popular anime has been revered as an iconic staple for decades and seeing it evolve into the future of the franchise while still maintaining what it means to be Dragon Ball is a great opportunity for fans to show their appreciation for these recognizable characters. The combos, boots to air ability, and the swap-able mechanics are all great tools used in-game to keep gameplay from becoming stale."

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be dropping on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on January 26th, 2018.


(via Shoryuken)