Bethesda Releases New Video Discussing Forthcoming Doom VFR

Last year, the reboot of the Doom franchise turned out to be one of the biggest hits for Bethesda [...]

Last year, the reboot of the Doom franchise turned out to be one of the biggest hits for Bethesda – and now it looks like it's ready to shake up the gaming universe yet again.

Today, the publisher revealed a new video that talks about the forthcoming Doom VFR, which is expected to make its debut on virtual reality devices later this year. In the video, several team members talk about the forthcoming project, and provide a glimpse out of what's to come from the hellish first-person experience.

The video features game director Marty Stratton and chief technology officer Robert Duffy, discussing how the gameplay is coming together for the VR-based game, as well as its story and environments being a little bit different from the 2016 reboot that rejuvenated the franchise and became a hit seller for the company.

In the game, you take control of an enhanced soldier that comes back to kick ass and take names as a demonic presence is felt on Mars. It's up to you to use a number of wild weapons to take them down, as you get to experience Doom "from an entirely new perspective," according to the team.

There's not that much gameplay footage to go on in the new trailer, as it's mostly just the team talking about what to expect from the experience. That said, though, it should be something that fans won't want to miss, especially if they've gotten used to the sheer intensity that the last Doom game provided back in 2016.

Doom VFR is just part of the company's push towards the virtual reality market. The team previously confirmed that Fallout 4 would be making its virtual debut this year, with the full game completed. And Skyrim has also been announced during Bethesda's pre-E3 presentation, set to release on PlayStation VR and other platforms later this year. These three games are expected to be on display at QuakeCon this weekend in Dallas, Texas, so if you're around, make sure you check them out.

In the meantime, you can play the original Doom for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC right now. It's a good way to get warmed up for what's to come from the VR version, coming later this year for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR platforms.