Beyond Good And Evil 2 Shows Off More About The Story, Ship Models, And Character Customisation!


Beyond Good and Evil 2 was the title that stole the show at this year's E3 ... the game that players have wanted since its PlayStation 2, but weren't sure we were ever going to get. Though the demo that Ubisoft showed off was stunning, it didn't give too much away about the actual game itself - more of just cinematic concept visuals. Thankfully, a recent stream shed some light on what fans can expect from our Jade-less adventure, here's the round up!

"Our goal now is to keep this very hot, you know, and continue cooking, remaking it, making it more polished and final," says lead designer Michel Ancel. "And we are really focusing on what you're motivations are in the game… You are a pirate captain and you have a crew. The whole game is based on how you make the relationship interesting. We are thinking about the background of the characters and the background of the world—it's about [putting] people into a complex and mysterious world."

The team went into detail about the sort of fan feedback they got through an Ubisoft initiative called the Space Monkey Program. This lets players have a say during development stages, giving more power to the gamers that will be tanking hours into these wonderful new games. In addition to the fan feedback discussed, we got a look at a few ship models and character customisation!

We know that the solar system for the sequel will be set in System 3, a community hub for a wide variety of intergalactic beings. Because the area is so fast, of course players are going to need a sweet ride to take them to and fro. Tuk-tuks, fighters, cargo frigates - you name it. Take a gander at a few of the (sometimes hilarious) rides below:

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The best news is that there is co-op! Players can even play with quite a few friends at a time, which is awesome! And we can't forget about the character customisation! The video above showcases how players can mold their faces, even tweak their DNA for a more diverse species makeup. The game absolutely looks phenomenal, so don't forget to check out that video and see what awaits!