'Beyond Good & Evil 2' Team Talks Creature Hybrids, Cultural Influences

The team over at Ubisoft wrapped up yet another livestream showing off the highly anticipated open [...]

The team over at Ubisoft wrapped up yet another livestream showing off the highly anticipated open world game 15 years following its predecessor. Following their most recent inside look, the devs took to the game's website to answer a few more questions that they so often receive including more on hybrid-characters and what sort of influences helped shape the world.

When asked for more information about the hybrid animal species that the game is know for, "We have shared a lot of our in-progress research, particularly during Space Monkey Report #4. We're still working on the final list, but you can be sure that monkeys and pigs (displayed in our two trailers) will be in the final game. Other hybrids appearing more briefly in our trailers will also make it to the final game."


A lot of times in these pieces of concept art, we can see some of the various cultural influences that seep into their designs. When asked about the most common cultural influences the game had, Ubisoft responded "Indian and Chinese cultures will have major roles in the game, but looking at the Legendary Characters shown in our trailers could help you guess what other cultures we want to explore in the final game…"

We definitely saw the Indian influence when Beyond Good & Evil 2 was first revealed with the huge Ganesh statue seen in the announcement trailer. There will also be "underground cultures" as well, cultures that can be explored throughout the game to learn more about their own belief systems. This will be especially evident with the Space Pirates!

Unfortunately we don't have a release date at this time, though we do know that a demo is planned for sometime this year. As for what else we can learn about the expansive new game from Ubisoft, 2019 promises a ton of reveals ahead!

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