BioShock Isolation Potentially Leaked Ahead of Reveal

New details associated with the fourth entry in the BioShock series seem to have potentially leaked prior to an official reveal from 2K Games and developer Cloud Chamber. Of these new bits of information, the most notable thing that we have potentially learned is that the game will be titled BioShock Isolation. And while it remains to be seen if this new name is accurate, it sounds like we might not have to wait long to find out. 

According to a new Twitter account by the name of @oopsleaks, BioShock Isolation is set to be formally revealed by 2K Games and Cloud Chamber in early 2022. The account backed up this supposed leak by sharing images of what looks to be internal documents that Cloud Chamber has been using for the past couple of years. In addition to sharing the game's supposed name, a first look at the logo that the studio is potentially working with was also shown off. 

When it comes to other major details about BioShock Isolation, this leak also claims that the game will take place in two different cities that are opposed to one another. One of these cities lies underground and is led by a dictator who is waging war on the second city that sits above. The latter city is said to be much more wealthy and is led by an entrepreneur. When it comes to a release date for this project, no window was given at this point in time.

Per usual with leaks of this nature, it's important to take everything that is being expressed with a grain of salt. Although some of the ideas that have been shared here don't seem too far-fetched at all, we won't officially know if any of this is true until 2K Games shares more itself. To that end, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop here on whenever those details do end up coming about. 

Until then, what do you think about these proposed for what might be BioShock Isolation? Let me know your own reaction and thoughts by sounding off in the comments down below.