BioWare's Ben Irving Talks About the Cost Of Being Too Transparent

While many are enjoying BioWare's newest IP Anthem, some players have been running into a number of technical difficulties that though the team is actively working on a fix, it has hurt the player experience. Others have mentioned that they don't feel that the end result matches up to the concept, something that BioWare's Ben Irving took a moment to address.

Since day one of its announcement, many prominent BioWare developers have been updated fans every step of the way. The problem with that, especially early on, is that things change but because the team was trying to be totally transparent, a few things were cut that were initially shared.

"The short answer is that the cost of transparency is things change," he mentioned in a recent Reddit post. "We did our best to be transparent on the journey to going live but with that we knew things would be different in some situations. Sometimes people would be happy and sometimes they would be upset. It's the cost of transparency.

"To elaborate – game development is full of change. There are a million reasons why you set out with an idea and it evolves over time. This is common in every game. We shared as much as we could. Some things change. So the cost of transparency is that some things we said become not true, not because someone was dishonest but because it changed over the course of development."

It makes sense and it seems that a few fans understood his message in the responding thread. Losing some, gaining some, that's the development process, but this was always meant to be a live service. The basic story had a lot of twists and turns and interesting characters to meet, but that's only just the start. New chapters will arise and new stories will be available to enjoy.

Until that roadmap makes more progress, the team has continued to be attentive to fan feedback, working quickly to adjust the game as players feel necessary.

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