Utterly Bizarre and Grisly Party Game YamaYama Out Now on PS4

Have you ever watched a trailer or played a game so far into the 'WTF' zone that you couldn't [...]

Have you ever watched a trailer or played a game so far into the "WTF" zone that you couldn't really explain it to anyone? YamaYama is one of those games. This surreal sumo-style party game is out now on PS4, and it has one of the strangest setups, and weirdest launch trailers we've ever seen or heard of. I'll let the footage speak for itself: Check out the launch trailer above.

As you can see YamaYama features a gritty, cartoony aesthetic that strikes us a kind of strange cross-over between Superjail! and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. The game features a bizarre cast of armless characters wearing fat suits that can inflate at the press of the button, and your goal is to impress the the flat god faces of the underverse by knocking your opponents into oblivion. Makes sense, right? No?

YamaYama's art director Agust Freyr dropped by the PlayStation Blog to try to explain a little more about his bizarre creation. "There are many different game modes in YamaYama. You have to hitch a ride on a flying pancake that is being driven by a bee. Then there's the one where you have to save a penguin before it gets shot on a rocket into space while the other players try to stop you. The list goes on."

"How do you feel about fatsuits? You know, the ones you see at town fairs and carnivals. We enjoy them! So much so that we have built YamaYama around the idea of it; all characters have the ability to fatsuit. We don't know how it works in other games, but in YamaYama if you press a particular button the character you're playing as "fatsuits," pushing all the other players away. That's how it would work in real life, due to physics and — I don't know — science? But watch out: everyone else can fatsuit.

"When eliminated in YamaYama you can still play the game, move your indicator around and drop traps of various types to fiddle with the outcome of the match. Was another player particularly mean to you? Get revenge from beyond the grave!"

Sounds like a good time to us! If you recently played and loved That's You! on PS4 and have been looking for another great party game to entertain your friends and family, give YamaYama a shot. Or maybe not if you don't want them to judge you...