Black Clover: Quartet Knights Gets a New Character Trailer

Bandai Namco shared a new Black Clover: Quartet Knights character trailer that revealed Vetto and [...]

Bandai Namco shared a new Black Clover: Quartet Knights character trailer that revealed Vetto and gave an overview of the fighter's abilities and playstyle.

A user of Beast Magic, Vetto's moveset and special abilities reflect those powers with animal-themed attacks that allow him to go on both offense and defense. With abilities like his melee attack called Cheetah Charge, Vetto can keep the pressure on his enemies with a barrage of swift attacks.

"His fighter abilities overwhelm enemies with rush and continuous attacks," the trailer for Vetto said regarding his offensive abilities.

On defense, he's got more than one move that'll help keep him safe from damage while also dishing some back out. With Rhinoceros Armor and an AOE attack that shoots out quills in a tight area, Vetto can turn his defense into offense.

"With his huge barrier magic, he can approach and blow away enemies while preventing upcoming attacks," the trailer explained.

Last is the Beast Magic that he's known for, a move that allows him to power up and then shoot a massive ray of energy at the opponents which can hit multiple enemies from a great distance.

Vetto's just one of many characters that players will be able to select in Black Clover: Quartet Knights though as they round out their teams with a diverse cast of fighters and abilities. Four characters can fit on one team with different picks specializing in attack, defense, and support. The game's based on the anime and manga series, but it introduces a new story that hasn't been seen before.

"Humanity once came close to being decimated by demons. It was just one mage who saved humankind, knownthereafter as the Wizard King and regarded as a legend," a description of the game reads. "For generations, the Wizard King has protected the people of this magical world. Based on the hit manga and anime series, prepare for a new legend to enter the fray in QuartetKnights!"

For those who want to try out the game before it releases next month, you can look forward to the open beta test that's happening next week. That beta starts on August 17, but you can download the client ahead of that date to prepare for it.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights launches on the PlayStation 4 and PC on September 14.