Black Friday 2019: Here's When the Big Gaming Deals Will Go Live

(Photo: Nintendo/PlayStation/Xbox)

At this point we have a pretty clear picture about what Black Friday has in store for gamers. Odds are there will be some surprise discounts and retailer exclusive bundles on Black Friday, but most, if not all of the core deals are in place. It's also important to point out that Black Friday won't be confined to November 29th. Given the shorter Christmas shopping season this year, retailers will begin rolling out the big guns as early as November 22nd.

Below you'll find details on when several major retailers are expected to begin their Black Friday offerings, along with info on some of their best deals. Keep this list handy, because it will be updated as new information becomes available. Note that Sony and Microsoft are kicking off their PlayStation deals and Xbox deals starting on November 24th, so we would expect that most of the retailers below would launch them at that time (most likely at midnight EST). This launch window may be in conflict with their official Black Friday deal start times. As you'll see, we already have confirmation on some of the early launches.


Amazon will kick off their Black Friday deals week starting this Friday, November 22nd and run them through November 29th. All of the deals listed below will be available right here at some point during that time frame. Additional details on Amazon's best Black Friday deals can be found here.

  • Save up to 30% on select Nintendo Switch Software
  • Save up to 33% on select Nintendo Joy-Con
  • Save on Xbox One
  • Save on PC gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, components, and accessories
  • Save up to 33% on PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB bundle
  • Save on Oculus Rift S
  • Save up to 45% on Netgear products
  • Save over 30% on Netgear wifi & routers
  • Save on SanDisk and WD

The majority of Walmart's Black Friday deals will go live online at 10pm EST on November 27th. UPDATE: Many of the gaming deals below will go live at 12am EST on November 24th. Note that they have a Nintendo Switch console bundle deal (improved battery life version) with a free copy of Minecraft for a little under $299. That deal is live now. The only official Nintendo Switch bundle on tap for Black Friday is a recycled Mario Kart 8 set featuring the old Switch with inferior battery life. That bundle will be available at most retailers, though you should probably pass on it. A more detailed breakdown of Walmart's gaming deals is available here.


Best Buy's gaming deals will go live starting on November 28th, though they've been aggressive with their early Black Friday deals, so keep tabs on this page in case something big drops early. You can browse through their entire Black Friday gaming deals list right here.

Most of Best Buy's deals are a match for what we've seen elsewhere, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, skip their $39.99 sale on select Nintendo Switch titles. You will be able get those titles right here at Walmart for $30. It also appears that Amazon will offer a better deal on Joy-Con. However, they will have several PowerA Switch controllers for only $14 and the Pokeball Plus for only $19.99. Best Buy will also be a good place to get the big PlayStation deals.


GameStop's early Black Friday deals will go live starting on November 24th (most likely at midnight EST). You can browse through the items on sale right here. Again, they're planning to offer the same discounts that we've seen from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy - but there is an exception or two.


The most notable exception being that GameStop will offer the $299 ($100 off) PlayStation 4 Pro discount on their Glacier White system while other retailers will offer the same discount on the Jet Black system. You'll also be able to pick up this Xbox One X NBA 2K20 Special Edition bundle for $349.99 ($150 off).

Beyond that, there isn't much new here, though we should point out a few small discrepancies. GameStop will offer their DualShock 4 controllers at $38.99 while other retailers are planning to offer them at $39.99. They also have Marvel's Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition (PS4) listed in their $19.99 tier of game sales. Best Buy and Walmart will offer this title at $14.99. We also recommend staying away from the $44.99 deal on 12-Month PlayStation Plus memberships. You can get them on eBay now for $39.99.


Finally, Target has the same basic deals that we've seen at other retailers, and they appear to be committed to launching their deals on November 28th (you can browse through their ad here). Basically, if you're looking to get Black Friday gaming deals early, Walmart and Amazon will probably be your best bet with deals starting on November 24th (Best Buy will also run some deals at that time).

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