BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Streaming Guidelines Introduced

In the past we’ve seen some warnings from publishers about streaming particular content from [...]


In the past we've seen some warnings from publishers about streaming particular content from their games, mainly because they're worried about spoilers making the rounds and ruining the experience for some. This was particularly true with Atlus and Persona 5 as the publisher went after spoilers with a vengeance, leading to some account strikes and suspensions.

Now Arc System Works is doing something similar as it has announced streaming guidelines for its forthcoming BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, which launches Tuesday. It says it's particularly fine with some content from the game being broadcast to folks but it's not holding back when it comes to protecting its story.

"The Arc teams have spent some serious time working hard to make sure BBTAG is a fun and accessible fighting game for new and old fans alike. It's hard to wrap our minds around the journey towards launch being over, but here we are. From announcement to launch, it's been a crazy ride," the company explained in its blog post. "Which bring us to this important topic: streaming and uploading content from BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle. We want to give you the freedom to upload your amazing matches and online shenanigans. However, when it comes to story mode, that is where most of the restrictions and guidelines will reside."

Here's the general breakdown of its rules:

  • Matches against CPU and human opponents can be streamed however players please. Local and online matches are allowed. "Show off your mad skills," the company explained.
  • Tutorial videos can be put together. In fact, they're encouraged to help out newcomers to the Cross Tag Battle scene.
  • Online "shenanigans" and "dance parties" are a go if that's your thing.
  • Now as far as what isn't allowed, you can't stream Episode mode. "At all," the company explains. "Just don't." Very short clips of Episode Mode up to Chapter 2 are permitted but longer clips and spoilers are completely frowned upon.
  • Music also cannot be ripped from the soundtrack and uploaded by itself. Game clips featuring music are fine but not the tunes themselves.

As far as what will happen to those that do break these rules, Arc System Works explained that this "will result in your channel being issued a content ID claim, or worse, a channel strike/account suspension. " So, yeah, tread carefully, fighting fans.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will release on June 6 for PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.