Bloodborne Kart Meme Becomes a Reality Thanks to New Fan-Made Project

If you're in any gaming circles on social media, there's a somewhat decent chance that you've seen memes related to "Bloodborne Kart" in the past. The clearly fake game idea is one that often pops up with people are discussing potential reveals that could happen at forthcoming events. And while a racing game based on FromSoftware's popular action title is clearly something that would never actually come to fruition, one group of fans decided to make it a reality.

Revealed to coincide with April Fools' Day, a group of developers that are currently working on a PlayStation 1 iteration of Bloodborne decided to also create a real, playable iteration of Bloodborne Kart. The game is very much what it sounds like and is a kart racer set within the world of Bloodborne. The gameplay footage, which you can see in the tweet below, has the Hunter character from the series zipping around the streets of Yharnam in a bright yellow vehicle. In subsequent pieces of footage that were shared, it was shown that other popular characters from Bloodborne such as the Cleric Beast and Troll are playable as well.

As mentioned, the reason that this footage isn't shown in the same style as the Bloodborne that we're familiar with on PlayStation 4 is that this is meant to be an offshoot of an ongoing project that is adapting the original game in the same style as a PS1 title. As such, that's why the graphics resemble those that you would typically find in an older PlayStation game.

So I'm sure you're wondering -- can you play this iteration of Bloodborne Kart for yourself? Well, the answer seems to be yes. According to the developers, this kart racing aspect of the Bloodborne PS1 project will be tucked away in the final release as a "secret". Although we don't know when this project is going to see a wide release for everyone, at least we'll get to try this silly thing out for ourselves one day.

So what do you think about this gameplay footage for Bloodborne Kart? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.