Bloodborne Remaster Rumored for PS5 and PC Release

Bloodborne is being remastered and is coming to both the PlayStation 5 and PCs, according to [...]

Bloodborne is being remastered and is coming to both the PlayStation 5 and PCs, according to recent rumors that brought forth those details and others. Information regarding the developers behind the project, settings the remastered game will support, and even release dates are supposedly known to different individuals who cited unnamed sources familiar with the matter, though not all of those details have been made public at this time. The game was supposedly set to be revealed during the PlayStation 5 event which was originally planned for this week but has since been pushed back. No new date has been set yet for the event.

The news about the rumored Bloodborne remaster comes from a number of individuals who shared information within the past day or so about the project. Twitter user CaseyExplosion discussed the game after a trusted source leaked the details to her and said it was a remaster, not just a PC port. It's supposedly planned for the next-gen PlayStation and PCs and was to be revealed during the PlayStation event.

Other chatter online following this discussion reinforced the claims and even said FromSoftware fans had more to look forward to in the coming years. On Friday, the YouTube channel PC Gaming Inquisition shared the video below to further add to the rumors about the remaster and said they had new details about the game. The channel said the game was tested on Steam, won't have a 30 FPS limit, and will support different controller inputs on the PC platform. There's some question still about how the online component will work though, and it's thought that online functionality might not be available right at launch.

As for the people behind the rumored remaster, it's been said that Bluepoint Games and QLOC are working on this new version of Bloodborne. Bluepoint's next project has long been the subject of rumors and speculations, and FromSoftware frequenters may recall that QLOC was behind the Dark Souls Remastered that released for the current generation of platforms. CaseyExplosion supplemented this information from the above video after it was released by saying reaffirming QLOC's involvement after previously saying FromSoftware wasn't working on the port. The Twitter user claimed to know a release date but said she would be keeping that to herself for now.

Other noteworthy details found in the video after the Bloodborne info claimed other PlayStation games would soon come to the PC platform, an unsurprising trend given recent news of upcoming ports.