Blossom Tales Sold 2x More on Switch than It Ever Did on Steam

(Photo: Castle Pixel Studios)

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, an action-adventure fantasy love letter to classic RPGs, arrived on Nintendo Switch yesterday, and has made its entire Steam lifetime sales total in less than 24 hours since. FDG Games posted to reflect on the news, thanking Nintendo, the fans, and the game's team for the numbers.

The game boasts over 15 hours of gameplay with five "challenging" dungeons and items that impact the game play. It features HD Rumble Support for Switch controllers, and features plenty of mechanics that lovers of retro role playing games will feel right at home with. The story follows a heroine named Lily, a Knight of Rose, as she quests through the game's fantasy land in a very retro Legend of Zelda-like setting. The game was developed by Castle Pixel Entertainment as something of a love letter to Nintendo's classic franchise.

The game first released on Steam back in March of this year, and while it currently holds a "Very Positive" review average on the site, it's likely that the game's design and feel is better marketed to Nintendo lovers. There's nothing wrong with having a target audience, of course, and this most certainly proves it. It's likely that, especially wih the news of these sales, the game will continue to sell the way new indie favorites always do. It's perfect for the Switch, and the bridge to console seems to have been a good move to make for all parties.

The game is currently available on both Steam and Switch for the price of $14.99.