Borderlands 3 Attempts the Bottle Cap Challenge

The Bottle Cap Challenge has been one of the latest trends to dominate Twitter recently as different celebrities try and kick a cap off a bottle. We’ve seen varying levels of success from these contributions, some of them playing out exactly as you would expect they would. Borderlands 3 is an example of that in a video shared by the series’ account that showed one Psycho smacking trying to kick a bottle which was propped on another smaller Psycho’s head. It went just as well as a Borderlands fan would’ve assumed it would.

A bit late to the challenge but still better late than never, the video below was shared from the Borderlands account on Twitter which is all about Borderlands 3 at this time. Two Psychos were set up for the challenge with the smaller of the two serving as the pedestal for the stunt. With a windup and a slow-motion kick, the shorter Psycho gets smacked in the face while the bottle and the cap go flying.

Compared to others who attempted the challenge, Borderlands was technically successful in its attempt. The cap technically came off the bottle, so the challenge was completed in true Borderlands fashion.

These types of smaller Psychos will still be in Borderlands 3 just as they’re depicted in this video, but Borderlands fans may recall that they won’t be called by the same name that they were in older games. Gearbox has said in the past that it plans on moving away from calling them “midgets” like players have seen in past games.

Psychos from Borderlands 3 aren’t the only characters who have attempted the Bottle Cap Challenge in the past. Mortal Kombat 11’s Jade has also attempted it in the past, and as one might expect from a seasoned fighter, it went pretty smoothly.


Beyond video game characters, we’ve seen some real actors have success with the challenge as well. Donnie Yen and Jason Statham both attempted the challenge and completed it handedly. Ryan Reynolds attempted it as well, but true to his character, it went just about as well as the Borderlands 3 attempt did.

Borderlands 3 is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store on September 13th.