Borderlands 3: How To Find The Lord of The Rings Shotgun and Easter Egg

Borderlands 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC is packed full of Easter Egg and pop culture references. [...]

Borderlands 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC is packed full of Easter Egg and pop culture references. For example, there's Easter Eggs and Legendary weapons for both Rick and Morty and One Punch Man. And there's also a Lord of the Rings Easter Egg and gun, because, of course there is. If there's a reference to be made to a popular IP, Borderlands is going to make it. That said, if you're wondering how to find the Lord of the Rings Easter Egg, well, look no further.

The Easter Egg in question can be found by doing The Demon in the Dark quest, which more or less is structured based off the Mines of Moria from The Lord of the Rings. In the Lord of the Rings, Pippin sends a skull plummeting down a well, which then alerts a massive wave of enemies to where he and his party are. A little bit later, the party faces off with Balrog. And for the quest, Gearbox mimiced these events. And for beating the quest, players are given the Burning Chomper weapon, a shotgun that pays homage to Barlog's whip.

To do this quest, go to Konrad's Hold on Pandora. You'll see an exclamation mark for the aforementioned quest. Accept it. And then you're on your way. It's important to note it's not an easy mission. Be prepared to fight, and obviously good guns and a high level make it easier.

The first challenging part that may trip you up is finding the source of the beeping sound. It's a robot, who's trapped on the nearby platform. Next there's a puzzle in a room with multiple big rings. Move around the room to center the rings up on the green markers on the walls. Once you shoot the three markers, you're progress through. And the rest is self-explanatory, but if you're having any trouble, be sure to check out Arekkz Gaming's video guide:

It's worth noting you won't get the special weapon until after you hand the quest in. The Barlog-like monster doesn't drop the weapon, though it can drop some pretty good loot.

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