Borderlands 3's Twitch Extension Lets Viewers Spawn Enemies in Streamers' Games

Borderlands 3's Twitch extension, ECHOcast, already had a few noteworthy features to its name when it was first revealed. It lets Twitch viewers check in on their favorite streamers' character builds and can also even earn them some in-game loot if they're watching a streamer when the player opens a special chest, but that's apparently not all it can do. New features which were revealed for the Twitch extension recently include mobile support, subscriber bonuses, and the ability to impact streamers' games by spawning enemies and consumables.

Gearbox Software took the stage during this past weekend's Guardian Con to discuss the new features coming to the game, some of which were the expanded capabilities of the ECHOcast extension. The first iteration of the ECHOcast was revealed just before the big gameplay event took place in May, and one of the most notable features was its loot aspect. That was just the start of ECHOcast though, and we now know more about what it can do.

"ECHOcast version 2 features revealed by Scott Velasquez and Rick Casey included mobile support, subscriber bonuses that will increase your chance of winning loot during streams if you're a subscriber, and a couple of different events that empower you to impact the streamer's game," Gearbox said about the feature in a post on the game's site.

The first two features described there are pretty self-explanatory while the third is right up there with the loot in terms of which are the most interesting. Through a new occurrence called "Moxxi's Mixer Events," viewers will be able to use Twitch Bits to buy their streamers "in-game cocktails." After voting on the ingredients of these cocktails, they then get to see the streamer drink them and watch what kind of an effect it'll have on the player. If you want to have a more direct impact with greater consequences, you can spawn a Badass enemy in their game.

"If you're not in a drink-buying mood, Badass Viewer Events are another fun way for you to interact with your favorite streamers," the post said. Not only will you spawn a badass enemy into their game that's named after you or another viewer, but you'll also get to vote on how that badass enemy behaves. Should it heal? Taunt? Level up? Depends how badass you want your badass to be!"


Borderlands 3 is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store on September 13th.