Borderlands 3 Update Adds the Most Difficult Mode Yet

Borderlands 3 players who’ve completed the hardest mode that the game has to offer now have an [...]

Borderlands 3 players who've completed the hardest mode that the game has to offer now have an even more challenging undertaking to try out. Mayhem 4, the end-game mode that's fittingly included in Patch 4, is the newest difficulty mode that ups the challenge even more than before by making enemies much harder to take down. Players who attempt this mode will be rewarded accordingly though with new Legendary gear reserved only for those who try Mayhem 4.

Gearbox Software first talked about its plans for an even more challenging Borderlands 3 experience back in October around the time that the Bloody Harvest event was announced. That harder mode arrives this week when Mayhem 4 releases in the game's next major patch that'll be out at some point on November 21st, according to Gearbox.

The patch notes for the game detail all of the new content that's included in the update with a section specifically dedicated to Mayhem 4 and all its challenging systems.

"Mayhem 4 is here for players looking for the toughest challenge in the game!" the patch notes said. "Mayhem 4 adds another increase to enemy health, increases the loot drop chances, and adds a set of new Legendaries! Because the health value greatly increased, Mayhem 4 also slightly adjusts the random modifier system. Mayhem 4 will only roll one positive modifier for the player and one enemy bonus modifier. We want players to try different builds without severely hampering their ability to take down enemies in Mayhem 4."

The Legendary weapons and mods for each of the Vault Hunters weren't detailed in the patch notes, so it'll be up to players to head into Mayhem 4 themselves to see what it has to offer. You can adjust your Mayhem mode through the Mayhem station on Sanctuary III to set it to Mayhem 4, though Gearbox added that this station will look a bit different now. Pillars on either side of the center unit will raise or lower players' Mayhem modes.

If you find you've acquired some valuable Legendaries but still don't want to give up any gear you've already earned, you'll be happy to hear that the bank has also been expanded to allow for more storage space.

"All characters now begin the game with 20 bank slots instead of 10," the patch notes read. "The existing Bank SDUs will give everyone a total of 100 available spaces. An additional 10 Bank SDUs are available to purchase in Marcus's shop on Sanctuary III using the in-game cash currency, each awarding 20 spaces, for a grand total of 300 total bank spaces!"

Look for Mayhem 4 and the rest of the Borderlands 3 update to release across all platforms on Thursday.