BossLogic Reimagines Kanye West As ‘Mortal Kombat’s’ Sub-Zero

You may recall earlier this year when Instagram artist BossLogic recreated popular performer Drake [...]

You may recall earlier this year when Instagram artist BossLogic recreated popular performer Drake as Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, since his forthcoming album at the time was called Scorpion. As you can see, BossLogic definitely has the artistic artistic touch, giving Drake glowing yellow eyes to match his vest and making him resemble the killer Kombat character.

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Months later, BossLogic figured, "Why stop there?" and returned to Instagram today, giving yet another popular performer the chance to shine as a Mortal Kombat veteran. This time? Strangely enough, Kanye West.

You can see the Instagram post for yourself below, which features Kanye as "Sub-Yero," with glowing blue eyes and matching vest. You can actually do a swipe between Drake and Kanye side-by-side to see how they compare.

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(SWIPE) 👀 #roundOne @champagnepapi x #kanyewest #mk #MK11 #mkkollective

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Since posting the picture a couple of hours ago, BossLogic has gotten over 15,000 likes and a number of comments from users, a mixture of positive and negative thoughts.

On the positive side, some fans were saying, "Ye would definitely win" as well as "This is actually sick" and "Dude you work so quick and its scary clean all of your stuff looks!"

But on the flip side, there are others that aren't fond of this artistic vision, saying things like, "This disrespectful to Scorpion." as well as "Don't disrespect MK like that" and "Ye's was funny but drakes is just accurate."

But then there was a rather interesting suggestion, with one fan asking, "Can we get @snoopdogg as Smoke?!" And that's a fantastic idea. What do you think, BossLogic?

Others have thrown out other suggestions as well, like "J Cole as Cyrax cause of the dreads or something" as well as "Would you be able to do pusha T as sub zero? Just thinking bout that the beef him and drake had this year. Or Smoke."

BossLogic hasn't announced what he's working on next. However, you can keep track of his work by visiting his Instagram page. For good measure, let's include a bonus post with his take on the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action poster, but replacing the oddly-designed hero with a familiar DC favorite.

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*Fixed* 😅 @grantgust

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