Bravely Default 2 Composer Shares His Thoughts On Returning to the Series

While Nintendo fans were watching The Game Awards in anticipation of a new fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many were happy to settle for the announcement of Bravely Default II, an upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive. A sequel to the beloved 3DS JRPG, the sequel reunites producer Tomoya Asano and composer Revo. Revo was unable to compose the soundtrack for Bravely Second due to conflicting schedules, so the announcement of the composer's return has been marked with particular excitement among fans of the original game. After the announcement at The Game Awards, Revo released a statement about Bravely Default II, which has been translated by Siliconera.

“To all fans, I’m back. I’m happy to be able to participate in this hakoniwa-style world again.

The graphics have kept that sort of warm, hand-crafted look, but in even beautiful graphics. For the music, in order to better represent the atmosphere, I’m tackling this task with all my courage.

The music used in the teaser trailer was grand orchestral music, but there are also band-style musical pieces that charges forward passionately, intricate traditional-sounding music pieces, and a wide range of music that may sound nostalgic, but also fresh at the same time.

I can only say that I hope you can play the game as soon as possible. Please look forward to it!”

In addition to his work on Bravely Default, Revo has played a role in the development of a number of anime theme songs. Revo is responsible for Moon Pride, the original opening theme for Sailor Moon Crystal. Revo also founded the group Linked Horizon, which is made up of former composers for the Final Fantasy franchise. Together, they have composed some of the closing theme songs for the Attack on Titan anime.


Released in 2012, Bravely Default quickly became a fan favorite for JRPG enthusiasts. While the Bravely Default games have yet to reach the same status as other Square Enix franchises like Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior, Bravely Default and Bravely Second have proven to be solid sellers with a passionate fanbase. It will be interesting to see if that audience will expand on Nintendo Switch when Bravely Default II arrives on the system next year.

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