New Teaser Points To A Bravely Default Nintendo Switch Release

bravely default switch

Bravely Default is a stunning RPG franchise for Nintendo since its initial release back in 2012. This role playing game series has a lot to offer with its immersive gamestyle and enthralling characters, and it looks like it could finally be making its way over onto the Nintendo Switch!

In a teaser similar to the one released before Bayonetta 1 and 2 was revealed, a new Bravely Default artwork has gone out courtesy of the @BDFF_Official Twitter:

The message bearing a traditional holiday greeting wasn't what had fans instantly excited - it was the fact that the character represented can be seen gleefully holding two Nintendo Switch joy-con controllers with the hybrid console peeking out from within a hung stocking. Immediately fans went crazy with the implications, these are a few of our favourite reactions:


The last one boasts similar enthusiasm that this is a major flag for a Nintendo Switch port confirmation coming soon. So far, we've had no confirmation from Square Enix about a solid yes regarding a Bravely Default Switch debut, but this one simple tweet really looks like this could be what many fans have been waiting for. Now the question is ... would it be a port of the first two games, or will it be a new title all together? Either way, we couldn't be more hyped! That would be a fantastic holiday gift from Square Enix!