Brawlhalla Fighting Its Way To Xbox One and Nintendo Switch This November

Ever since its launch on PlayStation 4 and PC, the free-to-play platform fighting game Brawlhalla [...]


Ever since its launch on PlayStation 4 and PC, the free-to-play platform fighting game Brawlhalla has amassed a huge audience of over 15 million players. And now the fight's about to get even bigger, as the game has been confirmed for two additional platforms.

Ubisoft, which acquired the franchise and its development studio Blue Mammoth earlier this year, confirmed that the game will be making its way to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch starting on November 6. That should give it more than a fresh start before the big fighting game of the series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, arrives in December.

Don't know what the game's about? Not to worry, as Ubisoft provided a full description of it in its press release.

"Odin, King of the Gods, built a heaven for warriors and called it Valhalla. On his command, Valkyries, beautiful goddesses of war, scoured the universe for the greatest warriors to fill this hall. To Odin's surprise, the Valkyries brought back not only vikings, but legendary warriors of every description, and soon pirates, cowboys, Mongol warriors, Amazons, even monsters and aliens roamed the hall.

"While waiting for Ragnarok, the warriors become bored. Constant battle spilled out of the Great Hall, and Asgard was smashed to rubble again and again. Odin, pulling his hair out in a last moment of desperation, set up the grand tournament. Now, the best warriors from every time and place fight to become champion, while the Valkyries constantly venture far and wide to bring back warriors who will earn them honor in Brawlhalla."

With its free-to-play nature (you really don't have to pay for much when it comes to seeing what Brawlhalla is all about), the game should have no trouble expanding its reach onto the new platforms. Also, it gives it some exposure leading up to the third annual Brawlhalla World Championship, which will take place at Dreamhack Atlanta from November 16-18.

We'll see how well the fight goes when the game comes out in a couple of months. Now to see if Ubisoft goes for any sort of cross-platform fighting features...we've got a score to settle!